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The Challenge

Student houses still use a hopelessly outdated system on paper (dutch: streeplijst) to keep track of their consumptions. These paper systems often get lost, beer falls over them and it can only updated in one place. As a result, you do not have a good overview of the financial situation in your student house. This can have far-reaching consequences if the student lives from Uncle Duo donations and unexpected costs are not welcome.

The Solution

We introduce Streepn. A free to use mobile app on which students in student houses can keep track of their consumptions and the current stock of, for example, beer. The app allows students to easily settle their expenses between house members. In addition to this administrative tooling, students can benefit from deals & discounts from companies in their area. Targeted advertising becomes interesting for business. For example, students receive a notification if beer is on discount in your local supermarket and student house stock is low. Or, students get a deal for food delivery businesses when they are having a drink.

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