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UT Challenge

The next phase in the UT Challenge: Networking

Profielfoto At the Kick-off we officially started the fifth edition of the University of Twente Entrepreneurial Challenge. Were you got to know the teams and partners, we hope you had a great time!

The networking round

In the networking period you can start chatting with the partners and they can send you messages. Maybe you already send and recieved some!

First you need to make sure your profile is up-to-date and add additonal information about your project.

To start chatting you can go to your dashboard and click on chats. You can start chatting with every partner, so don't hesitate to send an chat!
Also try to send a chat to a variety of partners, in this way you can get different views on your project, this will help you.

After the Networking Period the coaches will select the top 40, which we will announce on April 8. So make sure to show yourself to our partners.

We also have a few do's and don'ts: 

Do introduce your project and yourselves.
Do provide further information about your project or give extra details.

Do ask concrete questions about further development and topics where the coach has knowledge about.
Do ask questions about developing your project, how to reach the next step or marketing and branding.

Don't copy and paste the information that already exists on your profile. The coaches can already see this information.

Don't ask too general questions, be specific.
Don’t ask ‘ if they like your idea’ or ‘if they would like to buy it’. 

Let's learn more 

Next to chatting you can also start to sign up for the first two 'UT Challenge Sessions’!

With these interactive sessions you can get to know more about developing your idea, putting yourself out there, pitching your idea and more.

The first UT Challenge session will be: Access to the business basics
This will be March 25th from 18:30 - 20:00 hours / online
You can sign up via the dashboard, click on events

The second UT Challenge session will be: Access to markets
This will be April 1st from 18:30 - 20:00 hours / online
You can sign up via the dashboard, click on events

Let's vote!

The voting started. You can now collect votes from your network, so start networking.

Spread the word of your project and take a shot at €250,- Networking Prize! 

Good luck ;)