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UT Challenge

The winner of the Online Audience Prize


During the last few weeks the teams have been busy collecting votes for their idea or prototype. The teams were able to share their profiles with their whole network including friends and family. In total the teams received almost 1600 votes. The team which received 279 votes and therefore the winner of the Online Audience Prize is team S.W.A.R.M! 


1st Place
Team S.W.A.R.M Synchronised wandering aerial robotic monitors (S.W.A.R.M) is a solution where hubs of drones, based on swarm robotic technology, installed in remote areas are set to patrol and monitor large regions. These drones while patrolling keep track of environmental data and if they sense that it is needed they can alert the corresponding authorities to the supposed problem, its state, and location. As to not need constant human input for charging, once they are done patrolling, they can return themselves to a renewable energy charging hub where they are able to charge (while not affecting the biome) until their next scheduled patrol.

2nd Place
The runner-up is BPSI with 212 votes! BPSI wants to develop a cost-efficient standalone device for blood sample stabilization, and a NIPT transportation kit to reduce per-patient international shipping cost from 45 to 10 EUR. They also eliminate the risk of blood sample quality drop due to shipping delays (over 48 hours) and freezing/heating in transit. Reduced NIPT transportation cost and environment-independent transportation kit ensure better NIPT service and availability globally.

3rd Place
In third place with 171 votes is team Connect.!  Connect. want to develop a centralised platform where doctors and psychologists could connect patients and individuals who are dealing with the same unique health conditions together. Here, they could share their experiences and give each other advice in a form of group therapy. This will not only improve each individual's mental health but also increase their self confidence.

Congratulations on receiving so many votes for your team!