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Flux Robotics
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GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Have knowledge of pre-clinical validation Experience with high-tech surgical robotics Business/commercial background Industrial design background Solving business problems and developing business cases Should conduct robust, high-quality conversations

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Flux Robotics

The Challenge

Cardiovascular diseases cause the death of more than 7 million individuals annually. Treating it involves a minimally-invasive surgery – where a surgeon and his team operates on an individual by manually guiding catheters inside the arteries. In addition to surgeons already experiencing a heavy patient load, procedures may be time-consuming, physically exhausting, and require a high level of skill to maneuver the catheter inside the delicate heart/vasculature tissue.

The Solution

The potential of safe, magnetic actuation techniques and robotic-assisted surgeries has been investigated inside the Surgical Robotics Laboratory. At SRL, Dr. Christoff Heunis, under the supervision of the principal investigator, Prof. Sarthak Misra, has designed the ARMM system with the sole purpose to provide a highly flexible and safe working environment for both patients and surgeons. The main benefits of such a system would be to have faster interventions, higher steering accuracy, and a more efficient hospital and surgical staff.

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