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Clever Worker
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Digital & Internet
Social Innovation
GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Clever Worker

The Challenge

Since the start of the global pandemic, the world has changed more than anyone could have imagined. With the measures in most western countries being very similar, namely that of a lockdown or promoting working at home and minimizing commuting, multiple issues have risen to the surface. One of the most prominent being the increase in chronic stress and mental health issues. Even though this affects many people, plenty of these issues are still unaddressed, and there is a lack of products and services created specifically for supporting those that are suffering from the consequences of these current events.

The Solution

A smart calendar planner that schedules work tasks for employees, with their wellbeing in mind. Breaks are scheduled into the calendar and a notification will remind them to take them, and the activities are scheduled taking into account their difficulty and length, so hard tasks won’t be put at the end of the workday when they're tired. This takes away the stress of organizing their schedule themselves, which requires time and cognitive effort, and they won't feel guilty about taking breaks or postponing tasks because the software will show them how they can still finish everything before the deadline.

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