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High Tech Systems & Materials
Digital & Internet
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
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We want to diversify our start-up team to get new insights. The new member should have the following skills: Experience with networking, sales or acquisition Affinity with the manufacturing industry Creative talent

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The Challenge

To build a machine, many custom made parts are required. The procurement process of these parts is very lengthy, because finding new suppliers for the custom parts takes a long time. Because in many cases, the suppliers have to comply with a lot of specific requirements. Additionally, a lot of manual communication between the supplier and the machine builder(client) is required to ensure the correct production and delivery of the parts.

The Solution

The goal of our startup is to speed up the procurement process of custom parts for clients, while increasing the demand for suppliers. This is done by building a web-platform with various functionalities. The platform will facilitate business profiles, an industry targeted search function, a communication and trade dashboard, and a way to offer public machining jobs. The combination of these functions, significantly increase the speed of the procurement and sales processes between machine builders and suppliers.

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