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The Challenge

Everyone knows the problem, you want to go out with friends, but you don’t know where to go to have an unforgettable night out. At the moment, there is no place where a partygoer can find a clear overview of all the different parties in a specific the area. This would be useful for the partygoer, as well as the organizer of the party. For the partygoer, this is a problem, since he or she cannot filter on parties that match his or her preferences. Therefore, the partygoer needs to invest more time in finding the perfect party or risk missing out on the perfect night out. For the organizer this is a problem, since it becomes more difficult to advertise and expose his or her party to the target group. Momentary, the organizer can advertise and expose himself on different social media platforms. However, a lot of those users are not interesting in going out on those specific nights. Through this new marketplace, the organizer can already advertise and expose himself to a cloud that is interested in going out and actively looking for a party.

The Solution

Our solution to this problem is Party Time. Party Time is a platform where partygoers and party organizers meet each other. In this app, the party goer can get, in just a few clicks, a clear overview of all the parties which matches his or her preferences by using handy filters, where area and date are the most important filters. Also, organizers can advertise their parties to specific user groups. The advantages for the partygoers and organizers are mentioned below. Partygoers: -A partygoer can easily select parties and add them to a personalized agenda. -By adding friends in the app, one can easily see where his or her friends are going out. -Every user can add their own parties to the app, where one can invite and inform guests in a clear and easy manner. - Payments for parties can also be handled through this app. This avoids a lot of administrators and annoying Tikki’s. Organizers: -An accessible way to get into contact with their target group, without reaching a big group that is not interested in going out. -We offer a message function, such that the threshold to get into contact with the organizers is lowered, which results in more customer binding.

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